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Specialists in folder gluers since 1947.  The Vega folder gluers are entirely produced in Italy in a broad range of variations to fit the needs of our clients for the folding and gluing of boxes in all types of paperboard. The industrial and manufacturing capability of Vega is the result of an entrepreneurial vision which aims to uphold its fundamental values: “made in Italy” in the most comprehensive and creative meaning of the term, and craftsmanship in its meaning of versatility and efficiency.

Vega Pack 44 Special is ideal for collection of cartons produced by folding gluing machines.

Vega ADF - Automatic Double Feeder

This semi-automatic collector provides ease of counting and packing cartons right off any folder gluer.  It is on wheels for easy placement and use.  Watch the video to see how easy and efficient your packaging of cartons can be.

Great for any of the carton styles below!

Available Sizes:

  • 160
  • 200
  • 240
  • 290
The Vega Altair, a multipoint folder gluer available in four sizes: 160, 200, 240 and 290 cm for the folding and gluing of solid board and corrugated boxes up to 5 layers (folded box 35 mm) and solid board from 500 to 1500 g/sqm with a high speed up to 400 m/min.

It is possible to run standard and American boxes, standard crash lock bottom, reversed and reinforced autolock and autolock with partitions, 4 and 6 corners, double or triple boxes by means of the VEGA Altair.

For a more versatile modular machine, Vega offers a split feeder in order to have a wider range of boxes that can be run, from one to more pieces. This double feeder, VEGA ADF (160/200/240/290 cm.) is offered integrated (twin/detergent/wine boxes etc.) or independent (display, TV, mattresses boxes, etc.).

The automatic collector, VEGA Pack 120, placed after the machine pressure belt  counts and automatically separates the boxes in a parcel.

vega GROUp

CELEBRATING 70 years in the SOLID AND corrugated board field 

Vega Polaris 90 110, versatile, flexible and adaptable folder gluer for solid board and corrugated boxes.  Available in 2 formats for maximum width open boxes of 90 cm and 110 cm for straight line, crash lock bottom, double wall and 4/6 corner boxes.

​The V.I.S. Vega Integrated System enables the management of all tasks and functions of the folder gluer through a cutting edge touch screen multi-purpose console.

Vega Altair

Vega Polaris

Vega Pack 44 Special